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A quick guide to our all-inclusive deals.

What Is An “All-inclusive” Deal?

Phoenix Music Studio offers a great line of what we like to call “all-inclusive” recording deals.

The main advantage of these is that literally include everything you will need to complete your project for a one-time up-front fee.

So what do we actually include in these “all-inclusive” deals you may ask.

We include absolutely everything you need to complete the project including:

Recording Time
Once you have purchased an all-inclusive deal, we consider all your studio recording time to be paid for and this means that you can spend as much time as you need on recording your parts.

This obviously offers a great advantage over paying by the hour.

The cost is known and paid for in advance and therefore you will not need to worry about how long things take or costs spiralling out of control when it comes down to the recording itself. If anything goes wrong or you make mistakes while recording then you will have the opportunity to re-record them and and improve the sound of the project without shelling out additional fees.

We also include comprehensive production services from our in-house producers with every all inclusive deal.

This means if you are planning a project that requires a little extra creative flair or perhaps some assistance with songwriting or arrangement and so forth then you can employ the skills of our in-house producers for no extra cost.

Our all inclusive deals are therefore perfect for songwriters who would like a more comprehensive professional arrangement for their songs or perhaps are in need of additional session musician work to complete their project in the way that they envision.

It also offers a good backup in case of band members leaving halfway through the project or in case of illness or other such issues. The studio staff can step in to ensure that the necessary parts are recorded or, worst case scenario, the project can be put on hold until things are back to normal at no extra cost.

Mixing And Mastering
We naturally include full mixing and mastering services with our all-inclusive packages and there are no hidden costs relating to any standard mixing and mastering work.

The Small Print
Sounds too good to be true? Not at all. In fact the only conditions we impose with our deals is that people are ultimately reasonable with making use of the facilities and services of the studio. The studio is a working environment and as such is there to be worked in, not messed about in. The producer you work with has the responsibility to help drive your project forward to completion and will try to ensure progress with every session and therefore will attempt to lend a balanced and objective view of what needs to be done to complete the project.

That’s it!

What Deals Do You Offer?
We offer 3 types of all-inclusive recording deal:

Record and produce a single song for just £70.

Record and produce an EP of up to 5 songs for £250

Record and produce a full album of up to 12 songs for £450.

These can all be purchased online via our website’s store and as always our producers are always more than happy to offer advice and assistance where necessary.

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