ENDS 1/9/2019

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A Statement On The Closure Of Phoenix Music Shop

Good afternoon everyone. I just want to take 10 minutes to make a statement regarding the closure of Phoenix Music Shop.

Phoenix Music Shop used to the occupy the unit next door to us which we are currently expanding into since the shop closed down. Between 2013 and July of this year they were our de facto landlords for the original small units which the studio occupied on Gaol Road during these years.

We shared a name for the purposes of cross-promotion and the fact that we shared a doorway and frontage on the main street (hence our address was always 40-41 because the doorway encompassed both ourselves and the shop).

In other words, we were never and are not affiliated to the Phoenix Music Shop business (which has since been shut down) other than as a tenant.

In August we signed an agreement with the de facto property owner to essentially become acting landlords of the 4 business units on Gaol Road and this of course marked the beginning of the studio’s expansion phase as we inherited management of virtually all the units between 40 and 41b taking 40 (the original studio’s unit) and 41 (the shop’s old unit which we have been refitting for expansion space).

Since the middle of August we have also had many people come forward to us looking for musical equipment which was left in the old music shop next door and has since disappeared after their closure.

All I can suggest in this respect if you are among those who put stock into the shop which has since disappeared is to contact the ex-owners Dave Ward and Tim Astley who took ownership of all the stock that was in the shop after it was closed down. I cannot be any more help than this because no member of staff (past or present) at Phoenix Music Studio ever had anything to do with the running of Phoenix Music Shop and no stock was left in the old shop’s unit when we took receipt of the keys to the building.

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