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So what’s actually going on?

So what’s actually going on?

Since I last wrote an update like this a year ago, a lot has happened and so I thought it best to give an update on the situation down here and what’s actually going on and as per usual address some of the questions and persistent rumours which are going around Staffordshire about the studio. […]

A Statement On The Closure Of Phoenix...

A Statement On The Closure Of Phoenix Music Shop

Good afternoon everyone. I just want to take 10 minutes to make a statement regarding the closure of Phoenix Music Shop. Phoenix Music Shop used to the occupy the unit next door to us which we are currently expanding into since the shop closed down. Between 2013 and July of this year they were our […]

Day 3

Day 3

Today there is yet more work to be done on the new 2nd front door to the revamped studio. Anyone curious about where this is going should take a look at the following plans: These plans represent more than a doubling of the business in size and have to take place within a single year. […]

The Phoenix Music Studio rewards syst...

The Phoenix Music Studio rewards system – An explanation.

Our rewards system is simple and easy to understand. We offer rewards on every purchase made online. For every purchase you make via our online shopping centre, you are entitled to a % of your purchase back in rewards points. These rewards points are fixed value – 1 point = 1 pound and once you […]

Get our free recording recording advi...

Get our free recording recording advice ebook.

The recording studio can be daunting, especially to people who are new to recording. To ensure you get the best out of your recording session, we’re giving away a free 30 page ebook about issues relating to the recording process to help you know what to expect from the recording experience and how to properly […]

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