ENDS 1/9/2019

What Would You Like To Do Today?

Day 3

Today there is yet more work to be done on the new 2nd front door to the revamped studio.

Anyone curious about where this is going should take a look at the following plans:

These plans represent more than a doubling of the business in size and have to take place within a single year. The fact of the new live room will mean more time is available to book and should hopefully enable practices to take place during daytime hours and potentially (depending on how the soundproofing works out) even while recordings and music lessons are taking place in the first live room or the original control room.

The new live room (Live Room 2) will be built from the ground up for the sake of gaining as much isolation as possible and is designed to have some great acoustics from the outset.

Likewise the acoustics  of the Control Room should really  benefit from the enlargement so hopefully the quality of our recordings and mixes and our musical output will take a gigantic step forwards!

Due to the limitations of the space I’ve been using so far, there has always been very little in terms of a place to just take a time out or chill or wait for the start of the session. So to address this, I decided to implement a green room where customers can wait, have something to eat and drink, and generally chill out.

The decision to implement a shop came after seeing how many people locally (including myself) are now without a place to purchase sundries such as strings and picks and so forth from. Due to the incredibly difficult market conditions, I decided not to pursue instrument retail per se, but accessories and sundries are a necessity in this town not only for the sake of my customers but also for myself.

Not shown on the plan is also a lot of good storage space, kitchen space, office space and more which means the the traditionally cluttered studio should get more and more tidy over time as the refurb progresses.

Stage 1 consists of creating the new control room and adding the 2nd door to the studio to keep traffic noise out. As much as I love being based in the town centre and not tucked away on an industrial estate, it does present it’s own unique set of challenges with respect to noise management. This is probably the 2nd difficult and challenged aspects of the build and I felt it was important to get it out of the way quickly.

Stage 2 consists of walling off the upper end of the unit and creating the green room and shop area. This part of the unit is completely unsuitable for anything studio-wise because of the really “bouncy” hollow floor which reverberates like crazy if you drop anything onto it. The rest of the de facto studio elements all sit on concrete or filled wooden floors. So therefore it made sense to put the shop and green room here also to help keep the “live sound” aspects of the business away from direct neighbours and such.

Stage 3 is the biggest task and involves constructing a completely new live room in the old shop floor area. This live room has been designed to be acoustically excellent thus providing a big boost to the quality of our recordings and also enabling more recordings and rehearsals to take place at the same time. It’ll be kitted out to the same high-standard our existing live room.

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