ENDS 1/9/2019

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Studio build – Day 2

Busy day in the studio working on the new studio build.

Building (or in our case, expanding) a studio will always be a dirty, dangerous, painstaking and often frankly exhausting, physically demanding and frustrating job due to the fact that, we not only have to make a unit capable of keeping sound *in* but, we also have to consider how we’re going to keep sound *out* while also factoring in the usual concerns about security and health & safety and such.

One of the main reasons for this being a dirty job is due to the fact that we often build walls out of dusty and sometimes nasty materials such as rockwool and plasterboard. This gets everywhere given half the chance so of course care has to be taken to minimise the amount of debris and keep it away from equipment.

A lot of the walls here turned out to be nothing but plastic and thin wood or plasterboard. This isn’t good enough for a studio because although they look pretty sound passes virtually straight through them. This is partly why we have to use sometimes very inconvenient materials to construct walls out of. Frankly the only thing that will stop sound is heavy materials such as high-density plasterboard and such.

Have been working on the new Control Room and to do this we have to tear down 2 entire walls and build another (including adding a door in the process). The door frame from Travis Perkins went together really easily and fit perfectly with the old studio front door which is being recycled for this purpose. Wow just have to create a structure for the wall to support it.

A lot of the walls as mentioned earlier turned out to be nothing but plastic and such. This isn’t good enough for a studio and there is no point trying to retain them and of course many of them are in the way… so of course they had to go and used the new reciprocating saw to cut most of it down since a lot of the screws and nails didn’t want to budge after years of sitting in place. Did manage to salvage a lot of supporting timber and rockwool for use in the new walls I’m planning to build later on as part of the other construction work.

Electrics are also on the to do list. Today I had to turn the lights off and disassemble a couple of switches in order to move them out of the way of the demolition. Eventually will need an electrician to rewire everything (again).

Hope to get the new control room finished this week as this is probably the easiest of the construction tasks.




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