ENDS 1/9/2019

What Would You Like To Do Today?

The latest!

We have recently redesigned our site after migrating servers, in the process we have taken in much of your comments and suggestions from the past year!

We now have a fully-functional e-commerce area which you will be able to find some brilliant value deals on. These are issued as vouchers which can simply be brought into the studio and redeemed for your session. This simply approach makes them perfect for gifts!

We also have a new rewards scheme which we will be launching over the next few weeks. You will now earn rewards of points with all your referrals of custom and your own purchases. These points can be directly spent in the Phoenix Music Studio online store!

We are also doing a lot of work on the studio itself making it easier to use and more responsive to your demands meaning that our turnover rate of projects has sped up significantly and we also have done much work to the live room meaning that recordings will now sound much better.

Thanks for all your support over the last year and thanks for the feedback as well. Your continued support means a lot to us and hopefully we will be in a position to give a lot back to the community and our customers as we grow.

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