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The Phoenix Music Studio rewards system – An explanation.

Our rewards system is simple and easy to understand.

We offer rewards on every purchase made online. For every purchase you make via our online shopping centre, you are entitled to a % of your purchase back in rewards points.

These rewards points are fixed value – 1 point = 1 pound and once you have earned and collected  enough points to make a purchase, then you can spend them exclusively via our online shopping centre on our full online shopping range. They can be used pay for services in full or to discount services by paying part of your shopping cart cost in Reward Points and then paying the balance in cash.

What’s great about this system is that you can earn generous amounts of reward points from simply shopping online but also from referring new customers to us and by using other various features of our site.


How do I earn them?

Simply make any purchase, and we’ll instantly credit your account with your rewards points. We’ll also instantly credit your balance whenever someone follows your referral link to make a purchase.

There are also some uber-secret actions that will earn you reward points (purely because we’re so generous) but these are top secret!


How do I spend them?












It’s simple. Once you’ve earned enough to purchase the item/service that you are  interested in, then “Pay with Phoenix Music Studio rewards points” will automatically appear as a payment option in the payment gateway as shown in the picture to the right.

Simply select the “Pay with Phoenix Music Studio reward points” and select “Place Order” to continue with your purchase.

How Do I Use Them To Discount My Purchase?

If you do not have enough points to completely cover the cost of your purchase or don’t want to spend all your reward points in one go, then Phoenix Music Studio’s rewards points can also be used to discount the cost of a purchase! Simply make a purchase, spend any sum of the final cost in reward points, then choose “Pay Balance With Alternate Payment” to pay the balance with cash after your points have been used.

We’re giving everyone who signs up for our site a free 5.00 point balance in Phoenix Music Studio Reward Points to get you started which means that everyone automatically has been gifted points equivalent to £5 off any of our services!

You can then download your purchases and redeem vouchers and voucher codes in the usual way.

It’s that easy!


Since Phoenix Music Studio introduced our rewards scheme last year, then we have rewarded 650 points via our reward points system based on the activity of site members and shoppers.

That is equivalent to £650 of unclaimed cash that can be spent at our online shopping centre.

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